Can You Use Some Help Taking Back Control of Your Dating Life?

I have been single my entire adult life.

While this is not the path I planned, it has given me the opportunity to go on many dates and have encounters with a lot of different women. I have learned what works and doesn’t work.

In just the last few years, I came to realize my own dating life needed an upgrade.

For too long I had used online dating as my primary vehicle to meet women.  I was settling on women who showed interest in me rather than dating women I chose.

It’s hard approaching beautiful women we don’t know, in part because no one ever taught us how but also because of lack of practice.  Frankly, most men don’t spend the time developing these skills.

The good news is they can be learned.

I can teach you the techniques to start a conversation, hold her attention and convert your conversation into a date. I bring an understanding of the challenges men go through in trying to meet women.  Having been there myself, I understand your situation.

My professional career has followed many twists and turns.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Business Administration at New York University and went on to be a CPA and Financial Controller in the publishing industry for 13 years.

It wasn’t until my last employer, the Village Voice, went through a management restructuring (and I was subsequently laid off) that I started to question what I was doing with my life.

I used the layoff as an opportunity to reflect on my life and realized my true calling was to help others – as a psychotherapist.

While completing my Masters in Social Work at New York University, I stumbled upon Life Coaching, which was a brand-new field at the time.

I enrolled in a Life Coach training program, CoachU, while in grad school and completed the certification in 2003.  Since then, I have been coaching people on issues ranging from relationships to life purpose.

In December 2016, I completed my second Life Coach training program, The Life Coach School, which has transformed my practice.

Through years of counseling and coaching, I have helped others improve their relationships, achieve their goals and lead more fulfilling lives.