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We all want closure after someone breaks up with us. But we rarely get it. “Only you can give yourself closure” – that’s what our friends say, right? But it’s not very helpful. As humans, we make [...]

Know Thyself

Knowing oneself is critical in order to connect with someone else. “Know Thyself” was believed to be among the inscriptions on the walls of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.  Philosophers have [...]

How to Connect with Someone

“I feel like I can be myself around her” This is a common statement we make when we’ve developed a connection with someone. There’s a comfort level – a feeling of security and closeness – a sense [...]


“I don’t feel a connection with you” Have you heard this before? Sometimes this is an issue of two people not being a good match – their interests and values just don’t line up. But other times [...]

How to be Vulnerable

Consecutive blog posts about vulnerability – I know, it’s a lot. No one likes to feel vulnerable, much less read about it. But it’s so important! Like any difficult emotion, knowing how to [...]

The Waxy Build-up

Here’s the scenario. Year 1: You meet someone you like Year 2: You still like this person except now you’re slightly irritated by her habit of talking on the phone with her friends, for hours. [...]

Physics of the Quest

Ok, so some of my blog posts can be pretty random.  This is one of them. Flipping through the channels recently, I came across “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts. I know, pretty girly [...]

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