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Alone Time

I’m an introvert and like most introverts, I need my alone time. But I usually need it after a lot of stimulation – a night out at a loud, crowded venue; a weekend away doing a lot of activities [...]

Dating in Place

With the COVID-19 pandemic occupying everyone’s thoughts, dating and meeting women has become harder. Or has it? You may not have as many channels to meet women right now but you still have one: [...]

Be The Bachelor

Ok, confession.  I watch the Bachelor. Hundreds of thousands of teenage girls and I apparently make up the entire audience because few others, especially guys, will admit they even know of [...]

Be Bold My Son!

Have you ever noticed the common traits among men who naturally attract women? I have. One of them is boldness. They are unafraid in their approach AND interaction. And that means they will do or [...]


Sounds simple, right?  Just relax when you’re stressed and you’ll be better able to handle challenging situations. But most of us don’t know how. We’ve found other things like food, TV, [...]

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