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The Recoil

Coming on too strong with a woman is a common mistake many men make. Whether it be through your words in a text, over-eagerness to make plans or overly sexual connotations in your messages, [...]

What Do You Want?

This simple question, “What do you want?”, often sparks an “Aha” moment for many of my clients. Why? Because it’s not something they’ve really thought about or asked themselves. Finding a match [...]


Want a quick way to turn off your date? Complain to her about something she did or said. Actually, you don’t even need to complain.  Merely reacting to something you don’t like could repel [...]

Dating Ping Pong

One of the frequent complaints I hear most from clients is the difficulty they have dealing with the highs and lows of dating, something I call dating ping pong. One minute you’re on a high after [...]

How to Not Settle

It goes something like this… You meet someone.  You like her.  You go on a few dates and enjoy your time together but something’s missing. You can’t figure out what it is. Somehow, [...]

Common Interests

Chris Rock once did a bit that went something like this… ”Whatever you into, your woman gotta be into too or the shit ain’t gonna work.  That’s right.  If you born again, your woman [...]

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