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Dating Dissonance

You’ve probably heard of the concept “cognitive dissonance” but do you know what it means? It can take many forms but it’s usually when your beliefs and behavior are at odds and that conflict [...]

Ask a Great Question

We ask ourselves questions all day long. “What should I have for breakfast?” “What do I need to tackle first at work?” Pretty straightforward. But what about the big stuff? You know – career, [...]

Stick to the Phone

While Zoom and Skype calls are super popular right now, I found it interesting that an article in the New York Times affirmed something I suspected for a long time. Video chatting is highly [...]

The Fade

Tired of COVID-19 everything all the time? Me too. What do you say we get back to a topic near and dear to all of us? And that’s talking about chicks! I had been dating someone the past three [...]

Alone Time

I’m an introvert and like most introverts, I need my alone time. But I usually need it after a lot of stimulation – a night out at a loud, crowded venue; a weekend away doing a lot of activities [...]

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