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Body Language

If you want to excel at reading women – and as a single guy, you should – you will need to hone your skills in reading body language. There are entire books written about this so I won’t attempt [...]


A few weeks ago, I wrote about hugs after seeing a segment on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. Well, I’m at it again. Last week’s show included a short piece on smiling and how, with all the mask [...]

The Question

If you’re a single guy, never married, this week’s post is for you. If you’re over 40 to boot, you’ve probably been asked this question by women for years.  “Why are you still single?” My [...]

Are You Sure?

So after nearly six months in lockdown, I went on my first date.  Going into it, I wondered about all the things single people have been thinking about. “Where should we meet?” “Should we [...]

Hug it Out

One of my favorite Sunday morning routines is watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show and a few weeks ago, there was an intriguing, yet short, segment on hugging. The piece starts out with an [...]


How many times have you heard people say, “I’m a perfectionist”? I’ve heard it a ton.  I’ve even said it myself. It’s a good thing, right? Not so fast. Most people think it’s a [...]

Fight for Her

There is an often-used phrase that shows up in movies and TV, “You have to fight for her”. Usually there’s some kind of bump in the road with the main characters – a disagreement, she wants to [...]

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