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Maybe = No

That’s the math you should be doing when you hear something along the lines of “I don’t know what I want” from the woman you’re dating. Statements like that or “I’m confused” are essentially [...]

Hot Buttons

We all have them. These are the things other people say and do that really set us off. But they can be especially jarring in relationships and if not contained, can really jam you up. Here’s some [...]

Equal Footing

Since many of my blog posts are grounded in personal experience, this one hits on something I’ve experienced recently that is worth highlighting. Equal footing. That’s what I call a relationship [...]

How Couples Meet

I’ve always been curious about this but until fairly recently, there hasn’t been a reliable source tracking the ways men and women meet. But in 2019 that changed. Lead Stanford researcher, [...]

An Act of Love

With the events from January 6th still fresh in my mind, I decided to change the topic for this blog. The new topic is not about dating or women. But it IS about love. Not necessarily toward a [...]


Vulnerability in a relationship is tough for most people, but guys in particular.  Brene Brown said it best: “Being vulnerable means sharing the most important, authentic parts of yourself [...]

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