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Cats vs. Toasters

While listening to the podcast, How to Build a Happy Life (presented by The Atlantic), I was intrigued by a premise posed by the host, Harvard professor, Arthur Brooks. Brooks presents an [...]

The Phone Call

Online dating, by far the most common way singles meet today, has created a whole new set of challenges for men – particularly older men who didn’t grow up with social media and apps. We’re used [...]

Expectation Reduction

“Expectations are resentments waiting to happen.”  Esther Perel, Belgian-American psychotherapist It’s certainly normal and common to have expectations for your partner.  The question [...]

The Medicine of Touch

This is one of the most researched topics in all of psychology – the need for humans to be touched. Harry Harlow (1958) and James Prescott (1975) kicked off the research with studies of rhesus [...]

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