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Get Over Your Ex

Here’s how it usually goes. She breaks up with you. You don’t understand why. You’re destroyed. You text her.  You want more answers. You think about her all the time. You can’t let her go. [...]

The Space-Between

The space-between is a key concept in Imago couples therapy.  After rereading some literature on Imago, I thought it was important to present the space-between concept here. We think of [...]

Owning Your Shit

Of course, there’s the obvious meaning – taking responsibility for your bad behavior and not blaming others for your problems. But there’s more to owning your shit than that.  There’s [...]


First, a simple definition.  Abundance is having an ample quantity. But an ample quantity of what? You know, the important stuff – time, love, money.  My mentors taught me to always [...]

Past Perfect

“That’s just who I am” “I’ve had this issue my whole life” These are the kinds of things I hear from clients who over-focus on their past. They’ve had difficult circumstances, particularly from [...]

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