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Be The Bachelor

Ok, confession.  I watch the Bachelor. Hundreds of thousands of teenage girls and I apparently make up the entire audience because few others, especially guys, will admit they even know of [...]

Be Bold My Son!

Have you ever noticed the common traits among men who naturally attract women? I have. One of them is boldness. They are unafraid in their approach AND interaction. And that means they will do or [...]


Sounds simple, right?  Just relax when you’re stressed and you’ll be better able to handle challenging situations. But most of us don’t know how. We’ve found other things like food, TV, [...]

Listen to Your Friends

Have you ever broken up with a woman only to hear from friends, after the fact, that they really didn’t like her? “Why didn’t you tell me?”, you’ll ask, without realizing you’d do the same if [...]

The Alpha in You

Why is meeting women so hard? Short answer: undeveloped skills. We’re afraid to approach women we don’t know for fear of rejection and as a result, we rarely approach anyone. So what’s a guy to [...]

Your Appearance

No, I’m not talking about your looks.  I’m talking about how you put yourself together – the appearance you put out to the world. This can be a “thing” for some guys, maybe you. Guys in [...]


There has been a long-held supposition that 93% of effective communication is non-verbal and just 7% is verbal – the 7% rule.  This comes from a 1971 book by Albert Mehrabian titled Silent [...]

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