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The Alpha in You

Why is meeting women so hard? Short answer: undeveloped skills. We’re afraid to approach women we don’t know for fear of rejection and as a result, we rarely approach anyone. So what’s a guy to [...]

Your Appearance

No, I’m not talking about your looks.  I’m talking about how you put yourself together – the appearance you put out to the world. This can be a “thing” for some guys, maybe you. Guys in [...]


There has been a long-held supposition that 93% of effective communication is non-verbal and just 7% is verbal – the 7% rule.  This comes from a 1971 book by Albert Mehrabian titled Silent [...]

Don’t Wait

One of the first blogs I ever wrote was titled “20-Seconds of Insane Courage”.  The blog title came from the movie “We Bought a Zoo”.  Matt Damon’s character describes the moment he [...]

Conversation Styles

Did you ever notice how you feel comfortable talking with certain people but not others? Did you have more in common? Was the other person a good listener? What was it? Chances are the other [...]

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