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Your Superpower

So many of the challenges my clients face tie back to self-esteem. Somewhere along the line, probably during their childhood, they were made to feel as though they were not good enough and as a [...]

Your Dating Triggers

Just as it sounds, dating triggers are the things women do and say that lead to negative reactions from men. Everyone has dating triggers but some are more harmful to a budding relationship than [...]

Overcoming Shyness

Let’s start with a definition. Shyness is apprehension one feels when approaching or being approached by others. What are the causes of shyness? There are a few: But these qualities usually do [...]

Past Perfect

I have worked with several clients over the years who showed up stuck – stuck in their past. They were unable to move their lives forward because their focus remained on past mistakes, broken [...]

The Moment of Truth

If you’ve been following my blogs the past few years, I wrote one on the goodnight kiss which is  a tricky thing, especially if you try it after your first date. The awkwardness of it is the [...]

Spy Games

It is so difficult to determine if a woman is interested during the early stages of dating. You don’t know each other.  You’re feeling each other out.  Signs of interest emerge yet [...]

Too Into Her, Too Fast

Is this you? Do you get too attached to women too quickly? Men are often the ones who move too fast in relationships and there’s two primary reasons why. The first, simply put, is sex. Men tend [...]

How to Make Her Smile

When you first meet a woman, the difference between holding her interest and not, often boils down to your ability to make her feel good and nothing accomplishes that better than making her [...]

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