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So I’m watching the TV show, The Bear, and noticed something about the star, Jeremy Allen White. “Wow”, I thought, “He’s really bulked up since he was in Shameless.” There was something else I [...]


We all have insecurities but some of us have ones which are more acute and all it takes is a situation where we’re being judged for those insecurities to bubble up. And what situation is more [...]

The Texting Dead Zone

By far the most frequent question I get about texting is what to do when someone is not being responsive, something I call the Texting Dead Zone. This usually goes on before a date has even [...]

Emotional Contagion

You can probably infer what this term means but here’s the official definition: When someone’s emotions and related behaviors lead to similar emotions and behaviors in others. First a little [...]

Getting Back Together

If you’ve ever broken up with someone and were conflicted by the decision, you’ve probably struggled with the next big question.    Should I get back together with her? But that [...]

The Arrival Fallacy

“I’ll be happy when I get married” “We’re going to get pregnant.  That should bring us closer.” “When I get that promotion, I’ll be set.” These are examples of the arrival fallacy – the [...]

To Pay or Not to Pay

This is not a particularly controversial topic.  Men across generations generally acknowledge it is their responsibility to pay for the first date. Shifting gender roles over the last 20 [...]

The Queue

To queue or not to queue. At some point in your dating life, you will be confronted with this choice. Do you build a queue of women on your dating app, carefully selecting one at a time to [...]

The Mutual Fade

In the ever-evolving world of dating, particularly online dating, new phenomenon surface on a regular basis. One of those is the “fade”, better known as the “slow fade”. The slow fade is the [...]

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