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My Chat with ChatGPT

With Open AI’s recent release of its ChatGPT product, I figured I would give it a test drive to see what kind of answers it could provide to men on some of the more vexing dating questions. My [...]

Going Down Under

I have never really had a hard time getting dates or finding a woman to be in a relationship with. But that has changed in this post-COVID world. Over the last few months, I’ve been getting [...]

Get it On

Covid has changed a lot of things – the workplace, travel, socializing – And the clothes we wear. Things have gotten more casual and that’s a good thing when it comes to dating. The reality is [...]

Taking the Lead

One of the more common threads I see among the men who seek my services is the loss of their own personal power. How they got there varies but the cause is almost always the same – a loss [...]

A Fresh Approach

I am taking my own advice. After focusing last week’s email on dating app addiction, I am in the midst of a dating detox – no online dating for at least a month – probably more. I’m already [...]

The Princess Syndrome

The Princess Syndrome is a toxic phenomenon that typically infects young girls from well-to-do backgrounds. But it’s not limited to that demographic. In fact, elements of Princess Syndrome often [...]

The Sunk Cost Bias

A well-known phenomenon in business, the Sunk-Cost Bias is relevant in other areas as well. First, a definition. The sunk-cost bias is the tendency to continue to invest time, money or energy [...]

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