If you’re truly ready to meet the woman you’ve always wanted, I can show you how.

Are You Ready to Meet the Woman You’ve Always Wanted?

When you work with me you will learn proven techniques for meeting women.  You will feel more in control of your dating life and will experience a greater sense of power when you’re with women.

The model I use works.  It is designed to create lasting behavior change through a 4-part strategy:

“Clean up” your thinking

Learn and practice new skills

Create a plan of action

Follow the plan to the letter

Part of our work together will involve an evaluation of your skill level in a few areas and enhancing those that need improvement.  Here are some of the skills you will learn:

How to approach a woman

How to break the ice

How to tell if a woman is interested in you

How to land a date during your first encounter

How to transition from a series of dates to a relationship

My program is challenging and I only work with those committed to getting better.  If you’re truly ready to meet the woman you’ve always wanted, I can show you how.


  • I would like to thank you for the work we have done together.  As a 54-year old man pretty much set in my ways, I did not think a life coach would be much help.  However, much to my surprise, it was quite helpful.  Your style of coaching was insightful and enlightening.  I realized things about myself and the way I act in situations that I never even thought of. With your help, I now deal with these situations in a much better way than I have in the past.  Also, I feel more in control than I have in the past.

    Warren East Brunswick, NJ
  • Coach Al provided me with new insights into how I was viewing my situation and taught me new tools that I could use to move forward in a more positive way.  He challenged me in each session and I appreciated being pushed outside my comfort zone.    

    Gary Walnut Creek, CA
  • Alan has always shown patience, compassion, and intelligence as a coach. As we worked together, I always felt he was in command of the process and could execute for me.  And this was what I needed, as he was able to help me see a lot of my challenges and work with me to eliminate them. Thank you, Alan!

    Brian New York, NY
  • Alan has influenced me in an enormous way.  He is impacting real change. He established an easy connection in a genuine and selfless way.  I feel he is changing me and my old behaviors for the better.  He has helped me establish new behaviors one session at a time.  Alan has helped me eliminate bad habits and self-sabotaging behavior, which has helped me seize more opportunities.  My thinking is clearer now to see situations more objectively without overreacting or acting compulsively.  Our work together has been a game changer for me.  He is dedicated and doing me a huge service to improve my life and my relationship with myself.

    Eric New York, NY
  • Alan has been coaching me for the past few months and my experience has been nothing but positive.  His comments and suggestions have been enlightening and insightful, helping me to understand some of the past roadblocks that have stymied my personal growth.  Alan does not just hear -- he truly listens to what I'm saying and follows up with questions that help unearth what's really going on behind the words.  And he does all of this with compassion, understanding and patience.  I would highly recommend Alan to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, positive and supportive life coach who will guide you in your journey to achieve your goals.   Nancy Newtown, PA

    Nancy Newtown, PA
  • Alan coached me through some of the roughest months of my life – difficult family dynamics, career challenges and the ever-elusive hope of romantic love. Through his guidance, I was able to be objective, clear and positive about the way I framed and understood all these issues. I can't thank him enough for his council and patience and I highly recommend him to anyone suffering most any of life's problems, big and small.

    Mike Santa Monica, CA
  • I have always known that coaching can make a big difference in people’s lives but I never felt I needed to work with a coach myself. I thought I had everything under control, in all aspects. When I decided to work with Alan as my coach, I was unsure of the impact the coaching sessions would have in my life. After meeting with Alan for a few sessions, I realized the power of coaching and it’s all because of Alan’s style. Alan is an amazing coach. He knows when to listen and how to guide the conversation in a natural and organic way. He makes you feel comfortable sharing personal details for a thorough and honest self-reflection that is so necessary for a successful coaching session. I am so glad I decided to take advantage of coaching and that Alan was my coach. My life is better as a result.