First, a simple definition.  Abundance is having an ample quantity.

But an ample quantity of what?

You know, the important stuff – time, love, money. 

My mentors taught me to always have reserves in these areas.


Because they have a relaxing effect on the mind.

Ever feel really pressed for time?

What does that do to your psyche?

I protect my time fiercely, as if I’m guarding a treasure.

And I pushback hard when people don’t respect it.

That’s the mindset you need in order to build up that reserve – to value it and protect it.

The same is true for money and love.

For the latter, I invest in those I love.  That’s how I maintain an abundance of love.  I value those relationships and feed them.

And you know what?

They’re always there for me and I can feel it.

I also feed my dating life.

I put in the time to meet women.  I seek matches on dating apps.  I go out socially.  I try new activities. 

I do all this to create opportunities for myself because they generate a sense of possibility. 

And a reserve of hope. 

I need that hope to create even more opportunities.

And so do you.

How do you create abundance in your life?

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