You’re not supposed to be happy all the time.


That’s right.  Despite popular belief, there’s no way you can make yourself happy all the time.

In fact, if you’ve been on this earth a while, you have probably realized you’re unhappy about 50% of the time.

I’m not suggesting you be indifferent to bad times.  Not at all.  I’m suggesting you not try to change them.

We need the contrast of good and bad.  One can’t exist without the other.

So what does all this have to do with dating?

You’re going to get dumped.

Women will not be interested in you.

Women will not treat you well.

You know what?

That’s their right.

People get to do and say anything they want.

Stuff happens to us every day –

We get cut off in traffic.  We get passed over for a promotion.  We get teased as kids.

This is part of the deal living among other humans.

The next time you get ghosted by a woman, you can fight it – “It’s unfair.  I deserve better.”

Or you can accept that she was just part of the bad 50%…

And move on!

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