I used to think this.

After years of dating women through my 20’s, 30’s and beyond, I remember coming to a point where I felt all the good ones were gone.

I had been turned down by women who were in relationships.

I stopped short of approaching ones because I noticed the engagement ring on their finger at the last moment.

Surely this was enough proof that all the good women were, in fact, with other guys.


Did you ever catch yourself thinking, “Wow, so many of my friends on Facebook are living more interesting lives than me?”  They’re always posting pictures doing fun things with friends.  They’re traveling all over.

They’re having more fun than I am.

Could be.

But you really don’t know that for sure.

The same holds true for my (and perhaps your) belief that “all the good ones are taken”. 

The important thing is that you believe it – that you’re telling your mind to think that. 

And you know what happens when your mind thinks something?

It’s designed to find proof that it’s true.

That’s why you only remember the ones who are taken.

Your brain is not trying to find the available ones.

That is, until you give it different instructions.

Isn’t it time to think something different?

There are always tons of women to meet out there.

Good ones.

The question is, are you getting your mind right to meet them?

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