One of the quickest ways to enter the friend zone is to agree with much of what she says.

Admit it.  You’re not attracted to women who are overly accommodating, right?

So your antenna should go up when you find yourself agreeing and complimenting a woman without any objection or contrary view.

What’s the antidote for this sure path to the friend zone?

Rapport breakers.

A rapport breaker is merely disagreeing with her or expressing a different viewpoint.

They are necessary in every new relationship and they are a powerful tool to keep her on toes.

A key part of attraction requires being challenged by the other person and rapport breakers do just that.

You don’t want to use them too early.  It’s ok during a first date or even a first encounter.  However, you want to make sure she has already expressed interest (open body language, asked YOU questions, etc.).

It’s a common social instinct, for both sexes, to seek areas of mutual interest and similar values with someone we like.  But it’s those who can break away from those norms and express their individuality who generate attention from the opposite sex.

So, the next time you’re talking with a woman and she says, “I’m a night owl.  I love being out late.”  Say, “Not me.  I’m an early bird”, if that’s what you are.

Be truthful with her, and yourself, even if you think your response is not cool.

Disagreeing, even on small things like sleep habits, tells her who you are and, just as important, that you are your own guy.

Now that’s attractive!

And THAT will keep you out of the friend zone.

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