So after nearly six months in lockdown, I went on my first date.  Going into it, I wondered about all the things single people have been thinking about.

“Where should we meet?”

“Should we wear masks?”

“Has she been careful like I’ve been?”

So what did I do as I pondered these questions?

What anyone does when searching for answers – I consulted Google .

But much of the information was common sense so I won’t bore you with it here.

But one of the phenomenon I came across is worth highlighting.


Psychologically, when you like someone, you automatically trust that they don’t have the virus.

We are biased toward people we choose to go out with.  Once they’ve crossed that threshold of likeability, we quickly ascribe positive traits to them before we see any real evidence.

But I have more questions, as I’m sure she has as well.

I want to make sure I can trust her.

That’s what I’m posing to you.

Wherever you are on the safety spectrum – wearing a mask, not wearing a mask, etc. – make sure you check yourself.

And your bias.

And make sure you’re comfortable before you start spending more time in close contact with someone you’ve just met.

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