Have you ever noticed the common traits among men who naturally attract women?

I have.

One of them is boldness.

They are unafraid in their approach AND interaction.

And that means they will do or say anything to make an impression.

Let’s be clear – they’re not trying to get women to like them. 

That’s where most of us go astray.

We want her to like us so much that we’re overly accommodating, overly polite and, frankly, too nice.

But you don’t have to be a jerk either to get someone’s attention.

You just have to relax, engage your creativity and take a risk.

Say something bold.

“I saw you needed protection from all the womanizers in this place”

“Look at you.  You’re a total mess”

I approached a woman recently who was noticeably younger than me and she made a comment.

My response?

“Oh, so you’re intimidated by older men, huh?”       

There’s always an opener or comeback you can use that will jolt a woman and make her really “feel” you.

This no-nonsense approach gets you noticed.

Remember, women are first and foremost emotional beings.  If you can give them an emotional experience, your chances of success go up exponentially. 

And making a bold statement is a way to make her feel something – intimidated, surprised, whatever.

Can you think of a bold statement you can use?

Seek out a woman and try it.

And be bold my son!

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