Ok, confession.  I watch the Bachelor.

Hundreds of thousands of teenage girls and I apparently make up the entire audience because few others, especially guys, will admit they even know of the show.

But there’s a lot of guys out there who can learn from it.

First, how ‘bout just dating multiple women at the same time?

I’m not suggesting 25 like they do on the show but why not two or three? 

Too many men get locked into the “one woman at a time” approach and you know what?

It doesn’t work very well.

It places too much emphasis on one woman you barely know.

Why do men date this way?

A few reasons:

  • It’s less work
  • They don’t believe they can generate interest from multiple women
  • It’s less complicated – keeping track of multiple women and their backgrounds can be overwhelming and get you in trouble if you mix up your facts!

If you’re a single guy, whether divorced, widowed or never married – you ARE the bachelor and bachelors maximize their situation, until they decide they want to be with just one woman.

How do you know when it’s time to cut all the others loose?

When you and one of the women are BOTH committed to each other. 

Until you’re sure you want to be monogamous with one AND she demonstrates she wants to do the same, you should continue dating multiple women.

The mistake most men make is THEY decide they want to be with just one woman without making sure the woman feels the same way about them.

If you skip this step, you might find yourself in the unenviable position of liking her more than she likes you and soon thereafter, out of a relationship and looking for another one to get into.

Do what the Bachelor does.

Date multiple women simultaneously and enjoy one of the best benefits of singlehood.


That’s what being a bachelor is all about.

Having the choice of who you want to date, until you choose one person to be with long term.

This approach will ensure you wind up with someone you have the most in common and strongest connection with.

You know what else dating multiple women gives you?


And that confidence draws even more women to you and allows you to operate from a place of strength.

Do you know what dating one woman at a time gives you?

Dependence, which often morphs into neediness.

How do you think things will go coming from this place?

Date multiple women simultaneously.

It’s the most efficient and effective way to date.

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