Look around and it’s easy to find sympathetic messages for women – fighting for equal pay, being a mom and a provider, being sexy while also being taken seriously. 

No doubt, there are many pressures on women.

But rarely do we see acknowledgement for men’s challenges.

There are expectations to be a provider but to be sensitive and compassionate.  

Men are often viewed as brooding and unemotional, even lazy and unproductive. 

We’re expected to be strong and decisive in all situations.

For most guys trying to figure out how they fit into the world, these expectations can be overwhelming.

And confusing.

In fact, being “in confusion” is where many men find themselves – particularly single men.

Single men, particularly older, single men, are often viewed as dysfunctional, suspicious and even deviant.

So what’s a guy to do?

Don’t try to base your value on societal expectations. 

That’s a losing battle.

“Know thyself”

That’s where your power comes from.

Take care of your business – do the things that move your life forward.

Keep your word to yourself.

Manage your mind – think thoughts that get you the results you want.

Take responsibility for your feelings – don’t blame other people or events for what you feel. It’s under your control.

Focus on these things.

That’s what being a man today is all about.

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