If you want to excel at reading women – and as a single guy, you should – you will need to hone your skills in reading body language.

There are entire books written about this so I won’t attempt to cover it all here but just as an introduction, here are some basic tips to get you started.

Eye contact – if she is interested in you, she will maintain consistent eye contact.  If she seems restless, it’s either because you are talking too much or because you aren’t asking stimulating questions.  Watch her eyes to gauge her level of engagement.

Body position – If a woman is facing you directly and leaning in then she’s probably interested.  If she’s leaning away or angles her body away from you, she’s losing interest or feeling uncomfortable.

Barriers – If she feels comfortable with you, she will start removing barriers like a glass of water if you’re sitting at a table across from her.  Conversely, if she’s feeling uncomfortable, she’s going to construct barriers between you like crossing her arms or legs or holding an object across her chest like a drink or a bag.

Tracking only one indicator may not be give you an accurate read on a woman.  Putting multiple ones together will tell a fuller story. 

Interested in this topic?

Read former FBI agent, Joe Navarro’s book What Every Body is Saying.  It’s an excellent read.

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