How accepting ARE you?

This is one of the hardest things to do in a relationship – just accept the person as they are.

Inevitably we want them to change.

For now, let’s leave out the annoying habits – taking too long to get ready, talking forever on the phone, etc.

Let’s talk about the things that are deeper – the things that represent who she is.

“She’s doesn’t consider my feelings”

“She’s not sexy”

“She doesn’t pay attention to me”

Can she change these things?


Will she?


But the better question is, why do you want her to change?

If you look at the examples above, each one, if she were to change, might change how you feel, right?

If she considered your feelings, you might feel more loved.

If she dressed sexier, you might feel more passion.

But here’s the thing…you can feel these things on your own.

Thinking she’s sexy is not about what she’s wearing.  It’s about what you’re thinking in response to what she’s wearing.

See the difference?

We all have the desire to change the person we’re with but acting on it makes us do crazy shit.

We all want the other person to change so we can feel good feelings.

But that’s not in their power.

It’s in yours.

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