I love, love, love this concept!

You will too, in a minute.

The Compound Effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.

You’ve probably heard of this in relation to retirement savings. “Put money aside each pay period starting when you’re young and you’ll reap huge benefits by the time you retire”

Another way to look at it: consistency x time = huge success

By the way, the Compound Effect is the exact opposite of how our brains are wired.

Our brains want immediate gratification for doing something once. They also get bored of doing the same thing many times.

There is no tangible reward from writing my blog each week.

But doing it for a year? Five years?

The effects of that are huge.

Take what you do every day and multiply it by 365.

If you’re spending that time constructively, you will see massive results.

If you’re a basketball player and shoot 100 free throws every day for a year, how good do you think you’ll be by the end of the year?

Certainly the best on your team. Probably the best in your league.

This is also true when you don’t use that time well.

Do you poke around Facebook for an hour each day? What’s the effect of that over 365?

That adds up to some serious lost time you could have been using toward something really beneficial – something that could move your life forward.

Let’s examine this in the context of dating.

What do you think the effect would be of talking to one new woman every week?

What if you did it every day?

What would the effect be?

Well, you’d certainly meet a lot of women.

What else?

You’d get really good at it.

What would happen if you sent one message to a new woman on a dating site every day?

That’s 365 women!

Do you think you’d get any dates from that?

The Compound Effect is more than just getting the sum total of the thing you do every day. You get results that are off the charts!

Watch an interview with Jeff Bezos or LeBron James or any other really successful person and you’ll hear the same thing – “I never dreamed I’d be this successful”. Their accomplishments far surpassed what they comprehended from their daily commitment.

The Compound Effect makes your results explode!

Here’s the trick though – you have to believe that the little bit you do every day will get you the big results you desire.

Your brain doesn’t want to believe this.

Can you hang in there to change your own mind?

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