Dating can suck.

The rejection, the confusing signals – heck, just the investment of time and energy spent on dating sites can wear you out.

But then you find someone.

After days of texting and phone calls, you go out – maybe multiple times. You get to know each other.

Out of nowhere, she ghosts you.

And you start all over again.

We all need time away, a detox, from the grind of dating.

Here’s how you’ll know it’s time:

  • You dread going on dates
  • You want to quit
  • Dating has taken over your life

Just like a relationship, you can lose yourself in the dating process.

Detoxing helps you find yourself again.

But you need to be intentional during your break.

Lose weight.

Get into shape.

Find a new job.

Start a new business.

Take a trip.

Learn a new language.

Use the time to reconnect with yourself.

Spend time doing the things you like.

And be with people you enjoy.

You’ll be happy you did.

And you’ll be re-energized and, frankly, more attractive when you rejoin the dating scene.

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