I’m a single guy in my 50’s and my status is no coincidence. 

One of the reasons why I’ve never married is because of the women I’ve chosen to date.

Dating the wrong women, and even more importantly, staying with them too long, will keep you single for years.

We do this for many reasons, most of them subconscious. 

Here’s a few of them:

Low self-esteem – we date women who don’t satisfy us because we don’t think we’re worthy of those who can

Not ready – for the emotional commitment and sacrifice needed to share our life with someone.  Picking women with whom we share little in common allows us to avoid a commitment.

Don’t want to grow up – this is the “Peter Pan Principle” – if we could just avoid responsibilities, we’d be happy.  Staying in that comfort zone makes us feel safer.

Fear of being hurt – this is usually tied to some prior loss.  If we pick women who don’t expect much from us, we can keep it casual and avoid the possibility of another loss, and the pain that goes with it.

Do any of these resonate for you?

If so, this is your wake-up call!

Most of us are only semi-aware of these beliefs, at best.

But the only way to effect change in your life is to make the unconscious (or semi-conscious), conscious.

So be real with yourself.

Acknowledge this is what you do.

And then you can start changing it.

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