Once you think you’ve seen it all in the dating world, up pops a new phenomenon.

It goes something like this…

You’ve had message exchanges with a woman on a dating app.

You then move on to a phone conversation, maybe a few.

You’ve discussed meeting in person but couldn’t agree on a day, so you agree to talk again the following week.

In the meantime, you check the dating app to see what’s going on there and voila!  Your conversation with her is gone.

“Hmm, did she delete it because we’re now talking by phone or did she just ghost me?” is what you wonder.

I’ve had instances of the former but just recently experienced the latter.

I called her the next week, like I said I would, so we could make plans.


No return call.

The following day I received THE text.

“You’re great but we’re not a fit”

That’s fine.  I wasn’t particularly enamored with this person.

By deleting the conversation in the app, she no doubt hoped I’d get the hint and go away – a cowardly way of dealing with the situation.

But there’s a lot of cowards out there.

Listen, dating is not for the faint of heart – rejection, being led on and lied to, periods of loneliness – and yet, we keep going.

I have been humbled more times than I care to remember.

But I’ve also had some great relationships and I know the next one, might be right around the corner.

And I’m certainly not going to let someone like that derail me.

It’s hard to know what a deleted conversation means when it happens, so you usually have to get confirmation.

But as a general rule, if she’s deleting it before you’ve even met, she probably did so because she’s no longer interested.

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