In order to be successful at dating, you need to maximize your attractiveness and what is more attractive than a man who gets things done?

Are you the kind of guy who says he’s going to do something and does it?

Every time?

If not, then you can benefit from a lesson in planning and goal setting.

Trust me, if you can master this, you hold the keys to the universe.

Step 1 – Monday morning do a download of all the things you need to do for the week.  Write them on a piece of paper.  It doesn’t have to be pretty or organized.  Just blurt it out.

Step 2 – Ask yourself, “What else?”  Keep asking that question.  The purpose here is to get everything out of your brain.

Step 3 – Write down the obstacles for each one.  This will take a while at first but the longer you do it, the obstacles will dwindle.  Why are you doing this?  So your reptilian brain won’t have anything to complain about when it’s time to do the task. 

Step 4 – Look over the list and say, “There’s not one thing on this list I have to do.” Will there be consequences of not doing something?  Yes.  But this step takes away the frantic, “OMG, I have to get this done” that we all do to ourselves.

Step 5 – Look at the list and decide which ones you don’t want to do and completely eliminate them. 

Step 6 – Prioritize the list according to what is most important, not most urgent.  After about 6 weeks you should have very few urgent things.  You’ll just be operating differently.

Step 7 – Transfer the list to your calendar.  This will take time.  You will not want to do this. But trust me, this is where your freedom will come from.

Step 8 – Throw away the to-do list.  Never have an ongoing to-do list. Can you think of why?

Because you’ll be robbing yourself of the discipline of countering your reptilian brain.  That’s the part that wants comfort – that wants to veg out on the couch and watch Sports Center. 

You want to be operating from your prefrontal cortex, the part that handles planning.

You will have urges in the moment – when it’s time to do things. But the more you get in the habit of making decisions ahead of time, you will eliminate the need for willpower.  

If you follow this process, you will get good at delaying gratification, and it will energize you.

You will truly be honoring yourself.

And your attractiveness score will go through the roof!

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