You can probably infer what this term means but here’s the official definition:

When someone’s emotions and related behaviors lead to similar emotions and behaviors in others.

First a little background – this phenomenon was discovered in the 1990’s by Italian neuroscientists who showed that the same neurons in monkey brains fired when a monkey grabbed an object as when they watched another monkey grab the object.

And the same goes for humans. 

When you sit by yourself and smile about something funny, it sparks neurons in your brain. When another person smiles at you, this triggers many of the same neurons that fired when you smiled on your own.

We are constantly influencing others with our emotions and being influenced as well, which is why it’s important to be aware of what you are putting out.

When you go on a date, you are being evaluated not only for who you are and what you stand for but how you interact and the emotional energy you give off.

Women are emotional creatures.

They navigate their relationships based on their feelings and if someone makes them feel positive things, guess what?

They’re going to be attracted to them.

See how this works?

So how can you implant an emotional contagion in your date?

Here’s a few ideas:

Smile – one of the easiest ways to influence people is with your facial expression.  Smiling a lot will lead to her smiling a lot.

Be expressive – use hand gestures when you speak.  Tilt your head or lean in.  Be animated.

Establish your space – stand tall with a wide base.  This is a masculine posture that women respond well to.

Alter your tone of voice – there’s nothing worse than a monotone speaker.  Raise your volume when you want to make a point and deepen it when you want to challenge her.

Using facial expressions, body gestures and tone of voice convey real emotion.

And doing these things allow you to plant a contagion in your date so she’ll respond positively right back to you.

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