Since many of my blog posts are grounded in personal experience, this one hits on something I’ve experienced recently that is worth highlighting.

Equal footing.

That’s what I call a relationship state where both people like each other equally.

The opposite is a common dating dilemma. 

You like her more than she likes you or vice versa.

What’s that experience like for you?

It’s no fun, right?

Even if you’re the one being pursued.

How do I know I’m on equal footing?

She calls me back.

She tells me how much she likes me.

She references the future when talking about our relationship.

Plus –

I do the same things right back to her.

These are just my examples.  What are yours?

Equal footing means you’re both in lockstep with how you feel about each other.

And you want it to continue.

Your time together is very natural and easy.

This is what being on equal footing is all about.

And being in this state is a pretty good indicator of a promising future together!

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