One of the most effective ways to enhance your personal power is to ask yourself powerful questions.

What do most of us ask ourselves?

Disempowering questions.

What do we get in response?

Disempowering answers and, consequently, unsatisfying results.

Here’s an example: Why can’t I meet someone?


Something along the lines of “I don’t know”, “I’m not [fill in the blank] enough” or “There’s no good women around here” – none of which are empowering.

What happens from there is your brain tells you you don’t know, aren’t good enough or can’t do anything about your problem and you feel stuck as a result.

That’s clearly not going to lead to the results you want.

But what if you posed a different question?

How about “How can I meet someone?”

Now this gives your brain something to work with!  In fact, your brain will work hard to find an answer.

Power questions have a transformative effective on your mind.  They teach your brain to tackle ever-increasing challenges that will actually make a difference in your life.

What makes a power question a power question?

It makes you feel good to ask it.

How does one get good at power questions?

Start considering possibilities for yourself rather than problems.

In practical terms, that means using more “how” and “what” questions and less “why” questions (unless you’re posing “why?” with nothing after it).

Here’s another example.

Instead of asking the dead-end question “Why did she do this to me?”, you can ask “What can I learn from this?”

Feel the difference?

Here’s another.

“Why didn’t she like me?” can become “What’s perfect about this?”

Now you try it.

What’s your primary question you continually ask yourself?  We all tend to have at least one question that runs through our mind on a regular basis.

It keeps running because it’s a dead-end question and by definition, hard to answer.

What’s that one question that keeps banging around your head?

Is it a why question?

Have you been able to answer it?

Try switching it up.  Try a “how” or “what” question.

Once you pose it, how does it make you feel?

If you’re inspired and moved to action, you’re on the right track.

Continue to watch your mind and the questions it asks.

Notice a lot of dead-end questions coming your way?

Try some power questions and you’ll start accessing your own power like never before.


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