I am a planner.  I like to have things in their place.  I like to prepare for meetings and like the certainty of having my ducks in a row so I can feel confident going into any situation.

This is tendency that has served me well in life, particularly in business, but when it comes to meeting women?

Not so much.

What I have lacked, and many men lack as well, is the flexibility that comes from thinking on your feet.

Why is this important in the dating world?

Because those are the situations where many of our opportunities exist!

Waiting in line at a Starbucks.  Having a beer at the bar while waiting for a friend.  Real life interactions with women happen in these instances so why not have the tools to handle them when they come up?

This is not an article to teach you improv.  There’s only one way to get better at that.

Doing it.

The focus of this article is to sell you on the idea.

Here’s why you should sign up for an improv class right now.

Spontaneity – Planners like me don’t get enough practice reps in spontaneity.  We usually have an objective, a plan.  Improv will open up our creativity and imagination.  We all have these instincts.  They just remain dormant because the routine of everyday life rarely requires them.

Being out of control – Another issue for planners.  We don’t like stepping outside our comfort zone.  In an improv class you’ll be forced to tap emotions and act silly.  We all need this.  If you can do this in a class, you’ll be more apt to step out of your comfort zone to meet a woman in real life.

Listening – We all think we’re good listeners but it’s simply not true.  Your ability to engage a stranger is directly proportional to your ability to listen.  Not good at talking to strangers?  You’re probably not as good a listener as you think you are.  Improv forces you to be in the moment.  No past.  No future.  Just right there with the other person.  This makes it easier for you to respond to someone you don’t know and who couldn’t benefit from that?

Positivity – One of the key rules in improv is the use of “Yes, and.”  It forces the responder to add to rather than negate what the first performer said.  Nothing kills the scene more than negating their statement.  When we get in our heads too much, we tend to get very negative – “shoulds” and “can’ts”.  With improv, we’re forced to keep it positive, which naturally keeps the conversation going.

Fun – Improv is, by it’s very nature, fun.  It forces us to pretend and use our imagination. Life and responsibility have a way of sucking a lot of the fun out of life.  Improv brings it back.  It will force you to reconnect to your playful side.

Have I sold you yet?

I’ve sold myself.  I just signed up for a free introductory improv class in NYC.

Don’t think about it.  You will certainly talk yourself out of it.

Be spontaneous.  Go online.  Find an improv class and sign up now.

It will provide a huge boost to your dating game.

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