If you’re a single guy, there’s a good chance you live alone.  And anyone living alone right now is dealing with some unique challenges.

Where as most of society is trying to navigate sustained isolation with their spouse and children, we have our own maze to navigate – ourselves.

Disagreements and adversity in any relationship can strengthen that relationship, assuming both people take responsibility for their role in it.

It’s true.  Challenges are opportunities for growth but they don’t apply just to relationships with others.

They apply to your relationship with yourself.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that one’s ability to be alone was a sign of ego strength and how developing this capacity makes you more attractive.

But the ability to be alone isn’t just about finding ways to keep yourself busy.  It’s also about being comfortable, with yourself.

Just like married men have an opportunity to get closer with their wives right now, single men have an opportunity to get closer to themselves – by resolving their internal conflicts – and being at peace.

Will you take advantage of this opportunity?

This is your chance to really be honest, with yourself.

What parts of your life need work?

How’s your social life?

Do you have the money to do the things you want?

Do you know what you want?

Be honest and commit to making changes right now.

You have an opportunity to develop a more intimate relationship with yourself.

Will you take it?

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