In my last blog I wrote about the “Stink of Neediness” – how women can smell a needy guy from a mile away.

But there’s another important point to make about needs and that is, if you go into a relationship expecting the woman to meet your needs, you’re going to be disappointed.

Too often friends ask, “Are you getting your needs met?”


When did that become the responsibility of the other person?

This approach puts way too much pressure on her AND the relationship.

And what’s more, relationships like these don’t tend to last.

At some point she will be unable to meet your needs.  Then what happens?

Disappointment.  Resentment.

And things unravel from there.

Here’s the deal.

It’s up to YOU to meet your needs.

Expecting her to give you things like self-esteem, attention or purpose are beyond what she can deliver.

And it’s going to set the relationship up for failure.

Don’t be the needy guy.

Going into a relationship with the ability to meet your own needs gives it the best chance of success.

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