Men are motivated visually.


For them it’s more emotional.

Us guys, we feel an emotion or two at a time.  For women, they feel several emotions all the time!

How does a woman attract a guy?

By wearing high heels and a low-cut blouse.

That’s what we’re hard-wired to respond to – something visual.

For women?

They’ll respond if you can generate a myriad of emotions in them.

So how do you do this?  What does it look like in an interaction?

You change things up and say things that will generate different emotions.

Here’s an example of that starts with boldness:

Make an outrageous statement to jolt her with excitement.

“You’re in trouble”


“This is my side of the bar and I don’t let just anyone stand here”

It’s a bold statement.  Even nonsensical, but it doesn’t matter.

An opener like this will make her feel confused, surprised, maybe even intimidated but it will make her feel something, and that’s the key.

The above sequence is also playful and can lead to more banter.

She may come back with “Well, I was here first so you’re actually on my turf”.

How would you respond to that?

Here’s mine:

“How ‘bout I arm wrestle you for this domain?”

Her response: “You have no shot”

See how this works?

Now she’s fully engaged and probably amused.  What’s more, I’ve now set-up an opportunity for touching – all in a one-minute interaction.

So here is what I’ve made her feel:

  • Excited
  • Surprised
  • Confused
  • Intimidated
  • Amused
  • Stimulated (through touching)
  • Competitive (from the arm wrestling)

That’s not bad!

You can use boldness, humor, touch, among other things, to get her to feel different emotions.

By getting her to feel these emotions, you will make yourself memorable.

And she’ll want more of it.

And more of you.

And isn’t that what you’re after anyway?

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