This is super important. 

Many of the clients I work with are focused on the latter.  But they should be focused on the former.

We are so conditioned to look at a woman in the context of what we can get.

“I want her to like me”

“I want to get her number”

“I want her to go out with me”

And you know what?

Women can feel that.

They can sense the impatience and desperation. 

Not good. 

Do you really want to come off that way?

What if you were coming from a different place?  A place of giving?

What is the one thing you can give a woman that she would genuinely respond to?

Want a hint?

What is a major gripe men have with women?

Give up?

They’re too emotional. 

We say that all the time about women, right?  They get all worked up about things we just shrug off.

Instead of seeing it as a liability, why not use this knowledge to understand them better?

Women feel.  It’s a big part of who they are.

When I look through dating profiles, the thing I see most often is “Looking for a guy to make me laugh”.

That’s not a coincidence!

Women value men who can make them feel things.

Positive things.

If you can make her feel safe and secure, she’s GOING to like you. 

If you can make her laugh, you’ll be giving her something she doesn’t get from many guys.

If you can make her feel cared for, you’ll be triggering her femininity, which is what she wants to feel!

Focus on giving, particularly giving a feeling. 

This is the unspoken language women respond to.

Give a woman positive feelings and you’ll see your relationship go to another level.

She will unconsciously associate you with those good feelings and want more of them.

And more of you!

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