I’ve always been curious about this but until fairly recently, there hasn’t been a reliable source tracking the ways men and women meet.

But in 2019 that changed.

Lead Stanford researcher, Michael Rosenfeld, published a study that tracked these habits from 1995 – 2017. 

While the results were not surprising, they do reveal more about the experience of singles today.

The biggest change came from online dating.  In 1995 2% of straight couples met this way.  That number jumped to 39% in 2017.

The biggest decreases?

That would be “through friends” which decreased from 33% to 20% and “through family”, which dropped from 15% to 7%.

What does all this mean?

Singles are on their own when it comes to meeting someone.

This is both good and bad, right?

There’s less family and societal influence on picking someone and consequently more freedom.  And with that freedom comes more choice.

Many more choices.

In fact, dating apps provide so much choice, it can be overwhelming, even paralyzing.

As a single, how do you get the most out of it?

By knowing yourself.

What’s really important to you?

Here’s an example.

I want to meet someone who is comfortable in her own skin. 

What’s one way I can glean that from a profile?

I look at her pictures.

Does she seem to have a natural smile?

If she does, there’s a better chance I’m going to swipe right.

If she’s frowning or emotionless?

I’m probably swiping left.

It’s time to get really clear and specific about what you want in order to meet someone in this digital world.

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