Consecutive blog posts about vulnerability – I know, it’s a lot.

No one likes to feel vulnerable, much less read about it.

But it’s so important!

Like any difficult emotion, knowing how to actually feel it will free you from the power it holds over you.

How do you know when you’re vulnerable?

You’ll feel exposed.  It occurs after taking a risk like asking someone out and being rejected.

How does one push one’s self to fully feel the vulnerability?

First – don’t judge.  Give yourself permission to feel the emotion.

Second – allow the feeling to be there.  Don’t avoid it.  Don’t distract yourself by doing something else.  If it helps, find a quiet room, close your eyes and take a deep breath. 

Next – describe the feeling. Write it down.

What color is it?

Is it hard or soft?

Where is it located in your body?

Describing it establishes a routine or practice. 

Connecting the feeling to your body is really important.  It’s much easier to connect to an emotion through your physical body than without it.

Next step – be with the emotion.  That means stepping into it and letting it linger.

When you allow it, it only sticks around for a minute or so but it will run its course and dissipate.

All negative feelings, including vulnerability, are just vibrations in the body.

But we’re taught to block them out.

To our own detriment.

If you can get good at this practice, at feeling all your feelings, including vulnerability, I promise you, there’s nothing you can’t do.

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