She accepted your invitation for a date but that doesn’t mean she’s sold on you.  Reading cues during your first date will tell you a lot about her overall interest level.

Here are things to look out for during your first date:

Moves in closer – so she is less than arms-length away.  She’s effectively moving into your personal space and cutting down the distance between you.

Shares something personal – this is a strong “tell”.  Women will only share a personal story or secret with a guy she’s interested in.

Touches you – women will touch your arm or hand while emphasizing a point

Preening – she will do things like fix your tie, brush off lint from your shoulder – all designed to touch you

Strokes an object – this is a clear “tell”.  She will stroke something like a wine glass very seductively.

Dangles her shoes from her toe – this is a sign of arousal and highlights a heightened state of relaxation and comfort with the person she is with

Uses her lips – may lick them, eat food sensuously or slowly apply her lipstick

Tilts head down but looks up with her eyes – this is a sign of submission and suggests she wants more closeness, touching or even a kiss.  If she does this during the “good night”, it’s a pretty good bet she wants to be kissed.

She asks for your help – she may ask you to hold something, carry something or even ask your advice.  She does this to bring your attention to her and only her.  It also shows vulnerability – only something she will do with someone she likes.

Keep these cues in mind during your first date.  They will help gauge how she is responding to you and the likelihood of a second date.

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