There are tons of body language cues that women present to show interest.  Some require a more in-depth knowledge of body language and context while others are straight forward.

Let’s stick with the obvious ones.  Here’s a list of those that show clear-cut interest prior to or during an approach:


Glances – women will make eye contact, usually more than once.  The first glance may not mean anything.  If it happens a second time, she’s interested and wants you to come over.

Looks down – this is a sign of submission and vulnerability and only done when she likes someone

Smiles – this one’s obvious but note the quantity.  When we like someone, we can’t help but smile.

Blushes – blood flow and therefore body temperature can rise during attraction so a rush of blood to the face happens easier if she’s interested

Eye contact – if she likes you, she’ll maintain eye contact.  Conversely, if she doesn’t, you’ll notice her looking away.

Faces you – women who are interested “open up” their body so they face you head on.  If they’re not interested or uncertain, they will turn their body away.

Teases you – this was a clear-cut sign when we were kids, right?  It’s still true as adults.

Twirls her hair – this reflects nervousness, which comes from them wanting to be liked by you

Tilts her head – in body language terms, she is exposing her throat, which is a sign of trust.

Drops hints – She might say, “I really want to see that movie but none of my friends will go with me.”  She’s inviting you to go.

Get to know these tips.  The more you pay attention to them, the more intuitive you will become at reading women.

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