If you are dating someone who has lost interest, remember, your brain will find a way to rationalize the signals she’s sending you.

That’s what your brain does. 

It identifies problems when you’re trying to accomplish something like a career goal.

But when it comes to love, it will always look for hope and blind you from what your friends and family all seem to know – that she’s just not that into you.

Keep all this in mind as you read on.

Here are telltale signs along with the likely rationalizations you will come up with.

Maybe these will help you see the light?

She’s slow to respond – You: “She mentioned how busy she is, so this is normal for her”.  No.  If she really liked you, she’d make time for you.

She doesn’t introduce you to or bring up important people in her life – You: “We haven’t been dating long”.  Nonsense.  If she really digs you, she’ll be excited to introduce you around.

She will drop hints – Her: “I’m going through a lot of stuff right now.”  You: “She just needs a little space”.  Don’t kid yourself.  She’s trying to tell you something but doesn’t want to come out and say it.  She’s hoping you will pick up on the hints.

She’s preoccupied when you are together – You: “She wouldn’t have accepted the date if she wasn’t interested”.  Wrong.  People go out their way to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, including sitting through a date they are not interested in.

She compliments you early on – Her: “You’re such a nice guy.” You: “Wow!  She really likes me.” The nice guy comment is a dead giveaway.  When you hear that early on in the relationship, it usually means you’re in the friend zone.  Women rarely dole out compliments before the guy does.  If they do, it usually means they’re feeling guilty about not liking you romantically and being unable to say so.  Before you judge on this one, keep in mind, we do it too.

She won’t commit to the future – “I was coming on too strong.  I was being needy.”  No, you weren’t.  She’s just not going to commit to going to a wedding or spending New Year’s Eve with someone she’s not sold on.

Acknowledging that someone doesn’t like you is tough.

Our brains try really hard to look past the warnings.

Hopefully the examples above, and the rationalizations that go with them, will help you see the signs more clearly.

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