When you first meet a woman, the difference between holding her interest and not, often boils down to your ability to make her feel good and nothing accomplishes that better than making her smile.

This is not about telling a joke or being goofy, although being able to do either is a plus.  It’s about making her feel “seen”.

Here’s a few ways to do that:

Notice the little things – compliment her when she wears her hair differently.  Take her to a movie she’s been talking about.  She’ll find it romantic that you were paying attention.

Look good when you go out with her – it tells her that she’s important to you – that you would take the time to shave, comb your hair and wear your nicest clothes.  It’s so important to let her know you value your time with her and looking good conveys that.

Text her goodnight or good morning – keep it brief and don’t do it every day but let her know you were thinking about her.  Be the last person she hears from before bed or the first when she wakes.  You can even send a random text like “thinking about you” – short and sweet.

Plan the date – date planning impresses a woman because it shows you can take charge and be the guy.  That allows her to relax and be the woman. 

Do things she likes – pay attention to things she’s interested in and include them in your plan.  Is she active?  Go for a hike.  Is she cultured? Find a new exhibit at a museum.  Want to really make her smile?  Surprise her.  Not knowing the plans will intrigue her and she’ll feel even more special.

Making a woman smile is not hard.  It just requires a little selflessness and some observation skills.

Pay attention to what she says and does.  File it away and use it at opportune times.

That’s how you make her smile.

And that’s how you’ll hold on to her.

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