One of my favorite Sunday morning routines is watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show and a few weeks ago, there was an intriguing, yet short, segment on hugging.

The piece starts out with an adorable video of babies just naturally hugging each other.  The video went viral.

During this endless period of self-quarantine, close, physical contact is not only hard to come by but getting it could be hazardous to your health.

But not getting it is bad for your health too.

When two people hug, both brains release oxytocin, a substance referred to as the “love hormone”, which makes both people feel warmth, pleasure and safety.

Oxytocin also quiets our stress mechanism.

Getting hugs are really important.  So what can you do now to get one?

The Morning Show offered a few ideas.

The modified hug – approach one another quickly, both wearing masks, turn your heads to opposite sides and move away quickly once the hug is over.

Eye contact – making more deliberate eye contact with strangers can foster a greater feeling of connection.

Self-hug – as weird as it sounds, hugging yourself generates the same physiological response as hugging another.

So there you have it.  As the baby video highlights, we all have the need for physical contact so it’s important, for your own health, to get your hugs during this trying time.

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