“Yeah, right”

That’s usually my response when I hear someone say that.

Few people can honestly say they’re immune to the opinions of others.

Most of us care.

Most of us want to fit in.

But by the same token, most of us want to be free from this worry.

It’s only with age that we come to care less.

Why is all this important to dating?

Because dating is where this need is most intense.

“Does she like me?”

“I hope I make a good impression”

But imagine what your dating life could look like if you had just a little bit of “I don’t care”.

More of YOU would come out.

The trick to “not giving a crap” is placing supreme value on yourself – to loving yourself unconditionally.

Love is the best “feeling” emotion anyone can feel yet most of the time, we choose to feel negative emotions toward ourselves.

If you could love yourself unconditionally, would it really matter what anyone else thinks?

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