You work hard extending yourself, doing nice things for her.  You tell her how much you love her.

But you don’t get the same things in return.

How much longer can you go on feeling unloved?

Wait a minute.  Is that really what’s going on here?

It’s super common for guys (and women for that matter) to end relationships because their partner is not giving them the love they need.


Do they not love you?

Or do they have problems showing it?

Big difference.

If it’s the former, there’s not much you can do.

If it’s the latter, there is.

But it’s not to ask something of them.

Rather, there’s something you can do for yourself.

Do you rely on your partners to make you feel loved?

Is that their responsibility?

To make YOU feel loved?

Or is that your responsibility?

We all need to feel loved but if you’re looking to your partner to provide it – to give you that loving feeling – you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Everyone loves differently.

And they express it differently.

If you’re feeling unloved or unappreciated, look hard at what’s really going on.

Maybe your girlfriend buys you things.  That’s how she expresses her love.

Maybe she teases you and shows it that way, just by paying attention to you.

Either one can be an expression of love.

We all want to be loved in ways we recognize but those are not necessarily the ways others can express it.

Is your partner not loving you or are they not loving you the way you want to be loved?

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