Join the club.  Most guys are.


Because it triggers their insecurities.

Thoughts like, “She’s out of my league”, are a common response.

You’d actually be surprised to learn that many very attractive women have a hard time getting dates.

There’s so few guys willing to step up to the plate and ask them out.

But asking out a beautiful woman, like most challenges, starts in your head.

What do you think when see a beautiful woman?

If it’s, “I’m not good enough for her”, or something along those lines, can you see why this is a problem?

But you can shift your thinking.

How about something like, “Let’s see what she’s about”.

If you replace the negative thought and repeat it enough times, you can get different results.

Here’s another thing – did you know that beautiful women actually want you to come over?

It’s true.  Although they might not show it (because pretty women like to test guys), they want you to succeed.

Here’s another point, and this is really important – most beautiful women carry their own insecurities.

How they look in the morning is not how they look all made up.

Of course, you don’t know that.

But they do and it affects them.  Plus, there’s incredible societal pressure on all women to look good, be thin and constantly think about their appearance.

Dove Cosmetics did a survey which revealed 96% of women do not consider themselves to be beautiful.

What does that tell you?

That most women, even the most attractive, don’t see themselves as attractive at all.

Isn’t that ironic?

Here we have a man being intimidated by a woman’s beauty while it’s very likely that same woman doesn’t consider herself to be beautiful at all.

Here’s the deal – women as many insecurities as you do, if not more.

But just as a man is attracted to a woman’s looks, a woman is attracted to a man’s confidence.

And if you come across as intimidated or are overly accommodating, she’ll blow you off.

And the way to avoid this is to shift your mindset.

YOU control how you are around attractive women.  This idea that you’re not deserving is in your head and certainly not borne out in reality.

If you feed your brain new thoughts – “She’s just as insecure as I am”, can you see how that could help?

Try it out.

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