This is often the question we ask ourselves after someone breaks up with us.

Is there something wrong with me or did she have issues?

This is just a dead-end question – no good answers are going to come from it.

Here’s the deal when it comes to rejection.

It’s never about your worthiness.


Based on recent studies, there are three primary reasons people reject someone:

  • They didn’t get their needs met in the relationship
  • The two of you didn’t connect emotionally
  • The two of you don’t have common interests

Does that sound like there’s something wrong with you? 

Rejection is tied more to your compatibility as a couple, as a unit, then it is to you personally.

And here’s another thing – rejection is a signpost. It’s a blinking light that she wasn’t the one. 

It’s also an indicator that you’re getting warmer, that you’re closer to meeting your match.

But there are probably lessons to be learned to propel you there.

And you won’t be able to see them if you’re too hard on yourself or her.

The rejection isn’t about you but yet it is.

There’s nothing wrong with you personally but if you don’t use the rejection for your benefit, you’re not going to get to where you want to be.

Can you learn from the rejection without making yourself wrong for it?

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