Believe it.

A 2012 study found that people who were arrogant or overconfident about their abilities were perceived as “deserving respect and admiration”.

Another study, in 2011, found that people who break the rules are perceived as powerful by their peers.

So it’s good to act like a jerk?

Not quite.

But throwing your weight around, being opinionated and just plain exerting yourself IS a good thing.

It’s just being honest, about what you want.

If you’re a nice guy like me, you’ve probably spent your life being agreeable – rolling with the punches, helping people out, living by the golden rule.

I’m proud of that part of myself but you know what? It’s exhausting too.

And it’s not all that I am.  There are other parts to my personality, some perhaps not fully developed, that are just dying to come out.

Being a nice guy is for everyone else.

Being an asshole is for you.

And the more you can access that part of yourself, the more balanced you will be.

And the more you’ll attract women.

So start practicing.

Demand free fries at the diner.  Flip the bird to the guy who cut you off or just disagree with someone, for the fun of it.

Trust me.  It will feel great.

There’s a badass in you that’s capable of getting what he wants.

It’s time to let him out.



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