One of the more consistent traits I notice among my clients is their tendency to follow and relinquish decision-making responsibility to others.

Nothing wrong with this in its own right but it won’t translate well in dating situations.

Here’s why.

The woman will usually look to you to lead, to make decisions and have a plan when you ask her out.

That’s just the way it is.

Remember, attraction is based on evolutionary psychology and men who demonstrate high-status qualities are very attractive to women.

And decisiveness is a high-status quality.

There have been studies on this.  When multiple people have differing ideas, the one who is most decisive, has more conviction – will generally prevail.

Being decisive and really believing in your position is super powerful – even if you don’t have the strongest argument.

Try it out with your friends.

Groups always have a tough time picking a place to eat or drink.  Next time you’re in this situation, say “Let’s go here” and say it with total certainty.

Want to really drive it home?

Add “because” with just about any reason and people will follow.


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