So here’s a recent exchange with a client.

“She never initiates”

“Initiates what?”

“You know.  Sex.”

“Why do you need her to initiate?”

“So I know she wants me”

“you’ve been together for six months.  You don’t know that yet?”

“I guess I do.  I just need her to keep showing me.”

Women look to men to take the lead, particularly early on.

That means it’s our job to find fun and interesting things to do together.

It’s our job to call them, even when it’s their turn.

And it’s our job to initiate sex. 

Are you questioning these assertions?

Then you’re probably over thinking it.

And you’ve likely bought into the notion that everything should be equal.

It’s not.

Remember, attraction is rooted in evolutionary psychology. 

A woman wants to feel safe and protected by you, and for her to feel that way, you need to step up and take the lead.

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