I am always amazed by the lengths to which we go to keep promises to others but when it comes to ourselves?

Not so much.

I am as guilty as anyone.

I will pay someone back immediately if they lay out $ for a concert ticket.

If a friend needs me at an event, I’m there.

But go to the gym the morning after a late night?

Probably not.

Honoring your commitments to yourself is the only way change happens.  You commit to a goal and follow through on the steps to reach it.

Meeting women is no different.

If you truly want to meet someone, you will have to commit to doing things – talking to women, going on dates, polishing your skills.

In order to accomplish them, you literally need to promise yourself you’ll follow through on them.

Is that hard for you?

Why do you think that is?

In my case, it was because I genuinely put the needs of others before my own.  I normalized putting my needs to the side.

They were usually filed under the category “I’ll get to it.”

And you know what?

My life reflected that.

Goals not reached.  Same old life.

Everyone was taken care of but me.

And what’s more…I was resentful when others didn’t extend me the same courtesy.

After some reflection, I realized, why should they?

Their priority should be THEIR life.

How do you feel when a friend doesn’t keep his word?



How ‘bout when you break your word to yourself?

It’s a mindset.

Want to do something to change your life?

Commit to it as if you promised it to someone else.

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