With all the news lately on sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct in the workplace, it’s a good time to review those clear signs of interest from a woman.

If you’re concerned about showing interest in a co-worker because of all the recent news, stop.  Those are examples of men abusing their power using quid pro quo harassment to get sex from a subordinate.

For your situation, you just like someone at work and want to ask her out.  While it’s true you have to be more careful when asking someone out at work compared to your personal life, you should not let it stop you from pursuing someone.

Studies show that over half of working professionals have had an office romance.  That means you’re not alone in this pursuit and frankly, it’s totally reasonable to want to date someone from a place where you probably spend at least 40% of your time.

If you like someone at work but have been too afraid to ask her out, here’s some clear signs that she’s interested:

She finds reasons to be around you – if she tells you she stopped by your office because she happened to need supplies on your floor, she’s probably not telling you the whole truth.  She didn’t have to stop by.  She did so in order to have a reason to see you.

She shares personal information about herself – a woman usually won’t go here unless she’s interested.  She may tell you what you she did over the weekend but she won’t make it personal.  Here’s a more personal account  – “My girlfriends and I went to my favorite winery for a tasting.  I would do this every weekend if I could.”

She makes a point of sharing her single status – chances are if she shares consistent stories involving time spent with her girlfriends, there probably is no guy in her life right now.  If she specifically points this out to you (that she has no boyfriend), even better.  She wants you to know she’s single!

She remembers random things you’ve shared with her – “You went to school in the city, right?” Usually just remembering little facts like this about you is a sign of interest.

She makes frequent eye contact with you – we all do this.  We can’t stop looking at someone we like.  While men tend to be more overt than women, women still do it.  Sustained eye contact is a tell-tale sign of interest.  If you notice her doing it while in conversation with you, she probably likes you.

She asks for your help – whether it’s carrying something heavy or a spreadsheet question, when a woman asks for help, it’s often a sign of interest.  Remember, she could ask anyone but she chose you.  She did so in order to have another reason to spend time with you.

There are many other examples but you get the idea.

Use these as cues to gauging interest but don’t wait for a full body of evidence.  You’re never going to be totally sure that she likes you.

There is a certain element of courage required here.

If you get a few of these cues, find a private moment with her and ask her to go for coffee.

The longer you wait, the less likely you will be to ask her and the better the chance someone else will beat you to it.


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