Knowing oneself is critical in order to connect with someone else.

“Know Thyself” was believed to be among the inscriptions on the walls of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.  Philosophers have debated its meaning for centuries.

Here’s my interpretation.

“Know Thyself” is a premise of self-awareness – of knowing what you need, what you like and what you aspire to.

This applies to every part of your life.

Taking time to think about these things is important. 


Because they translate to the quality of the life you live.  For example, knowing what you’re good at and where your interests lie will equate to a clearer career path. 

Taking time to think about what makes you happy is also important.  That way you know what to pursue – desire for a family, owning a home, seeing the world.

Thinking about what’s important to you and going after those things is a way to get to know yourself.

You speak what we want.  You go after it.  You fail.  You start over.  You try something new.

All this helps you know who you are.

And with all these experiences, and reflecting on what you learned, you can say, “I know who I am”.

And you know what?

You can bring all that to someone else and share it with them.  That’s the substance they can “grab” onto and therefore know you.

That’s how “Knowing Thyself” helps in connecting with someone.

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