Has the following ever happened to you?

A woman catches your eye and you literally fall into a trance admiring her.

“What nice hair”

“She has great legs”

You’re so struck by her physical attributes that you’ve lost all ability to be present in the moment, at least temporarily.

It’s not exactly a news flash that men tend to get pulled in by a woman’s appearance.  It’s in our DNA, literally.

But floating off in a trance doesn’t exactly serve you if your objective is to actually meet this person and see if you have any chemistry.

Keeping your evolutionary instincts in check is key to being able to take action when an opportunity presents itself.

Your mind is pre-programmed to think thoughts related to mating with a female – even if the act never occurs.

That thinking worked fine in the Stone Age but we need new thinking that will help us in 2019.

So what can you do?

Manage your brain.

You don’t have to get stuck on “She has great legs”.

Pivot to a thought that gets the result you want.

How ‘bout “I want to meet her” or “I’m going to talk to her”.

Pick thoughts that lead to action.

That way you can spend less time in a trance and more time going after what you want.

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