Today we’re going deep.

I was listening to a podcast by Brooke Castillo, founder of the Life Coach School.

It was a really sad episode.

Brooke’s dog was dying. 

She spoke about the unconditional love she had for her dog and it made me realize how, during our moments of profound grief, we appreciate the love we had for someone.

But what if we could love someone just as deeply while they’re still here?

It shouldn’t have to take losing them to love them unconditionally, right?

And that was Brooke’s point.

We all have the capacity to love someone else harder than we currently do, whether it be a spouse, a family member or a friend.

But how do we do that?

How do we find that deeper reservoir of love?

You can start by noting the things you love about them.

How kind they are to other people.

How they inspire you to be better.

And then note their imperfections.

“They’re a total slob”

Or –

“They’re always late when we meet up”

This is the good stuff, right?

These peccadillos bug us when the person is alive but once they’re gone, we remember them with fondness.

Can you appreciate someone WHILE they’re still around?

Can you love them deeper than you presently do?

Wouldn’t that expand your own ability to love?

Wouldn’t that serve you when you find your person?

And here’s the kicker –

Can you love yourself that way too?

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