I was listening to a podcast recently where the concept of “Minimum Baseline” was introduced.  Essentially, it’s the minimum amount of effort one can put forth toward reaching a goal.

Here’s an example.

“I will go to the gym once a week in order to get into better shape.”

Minimum baseline is usually used for those who do not have a baseline to start with – they don’t have a beginning reference point.

It may not sound like much and it might not get you to your goal quickly but it accomplishes something else.

It allows you to honor your commitment to yourself.

Keeping your word to yourself is SO important if you want to make progress in your life.  Minimum baseline allows you to begin this process.

Here’s why.

It trains you to derive motivation from something that is internal (your commitment to yourself) versus external (a woman showing interest).

Most of us are conditioned by external rewards (the A on a paper in school, the bonus at work) rather than an internal reward (knowing you kicked ass and accomplished something important to you).

Hear the difference?

I am in a relationship but I wonder, “If I wasn’t, what’s the minimum I could do to meet someone?”

Talk to one woman per week?

Send out one message per day on a dating site?

Starting with something, no matter how small, is important to start seeing yourself as a pursuer, a doer of what’s important in your life.

What’s your minimum baseline?

Can you commit to it right now?

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