No, this isn’t about Darwin’s theory of evolution.

This is about your selection process – how you are choosing women.

Have you thought about it?

Most men don’t.

Why is this important?

Because if you’re like me and have dated many women without finding THE one than it’s probably time to start evaluating who you choose to pursue.

It might be your decision making that is leading you down the wrong paths.

If you’re like most men, physical attraction is what determines who you date.

That’s fine.  It’s evolutionary psychology at work.

But what determines who you stay with?

Do you evaluate other criteria to make sure she’s a match?

You should.

In fact, this is where things go off the rails for many guys.

They never identify their “must-haves” with a woman.  Then, after months or years together, they become resentful when it dawns on them they’re not getting those important things in the relationship. 

Wouldn’t it be easier if you identified what you wanted first, then determine if your partner had those qualities?

Wouldn’t that help you determine whether you should stay in the relationship?

Here are my “must-haves”:

  • Must be able to communicate about our relationship
  • Must treat me with respect
  • Must love me (after a reasonable period of time together)

What are yours?

Don’t know?

Spend some time thinking about it.  Then grab a pen and write them down.

And keep them in mind in your next relationship.

They can save you loads of time with the wrong women.

And they can help you choose the right one.

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