Single men, and married men as well, have all kinds of reasons why a relationship didn’t work.

“She cheated”

“We want different things”

“The sex is terrible”

But let me give you one you can’t use…

“She didn’t meet my needs”

Here’s how it works – you hold her responsible for not being loving enough, not defending you or not making you feel attractive – and these are just a few you could choose.

Here’s how it shows up –

“You never tell me you love me”

“You didn’t stand up for me back there”

“I’m always the one who has to initiate sex”

Any sound familiar?

Here’s the deal.

It’s up to YOU to meet YOUR needs.

And likewise, it’s up to her to meet hers.

Yet we readily abdicate responsibility for this.  Why?

Usually we’re taught this at a young age.  It’s even reinforced by therapists.  And it comes to epitomize our vision of what love should be – someone meeting our needs.

Yet it’s one of the biggest reasons couples fight – the other no longer make us feel good and we resent them for it.

What would a relationship look like if you each met your own needs?

Wouldn’t that be more fun?

Can you see your relationship lasting longer?

How do you think you’d feel about yourself using this approach?

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