Do you identify yourself as an introvert (recharge your battery by being alone)?

If so, did you know you are more prone to social anxiety?

And that the social anxiety is likely caused by overstimulation?

It’s true.

Our brains are wired differently.  When we’re in a crowded place with lots of noise and activity, we can feel overwhelmed.

Dealing with all that stimulation at once is not something introverts naturally have the skill to handle.

Can we learn to manage it?

Absolutely but it takes work.  Relaxation techniques like deep breathing can help in the moment.

But if you haven’t worked at it, your behavior will change in those moments.  You’ll be more likely to shut down, clam up or flee the scene outright.

Overstimulation leads to anxiety for introverts. 

This is why you have probably struggled to meet women in crowded clubs and bars.

For extroverts it’s different.

They thrive off the stimulation.

Not introverts. 

We do much better in quiet environments where we can focus on one thing at a time.

Keep this in mind as you execute your “approach” plan.

Bookstores, cafes, the park – these are more conducive to quiet exchanges and are “sweet spots” for introverts.

And they keep the stimulation to a manageable level.

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