Of course, there’s the obvious meaning – taking responsibility for your bad behavior and not blaming others for your problems.

But there’s more to owning your shit than that.  There’s taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings too.

These have to be managed as well.

Men are notorious for ignoring the latter.

It’s just not how we’re raised.

Men are not supposed to be in touch with their feelings.

And we’re worse off for it.


Because it makes us a mess.

Acting out.  Overdrinking.  Overeating.  Overworking.  Cheating.  You name it.

Wanna start owning your shit?

Start by identifying your feelings, in the moment.

Knowing what you’re feeling helps to manage those emotions.

You know what happens when you do?

You’re more rationale.

Less reactive.

And easier to be around.

What about your thoughts?

Did you know you control them?

By actively managing what you think and consequently, what you feel, you determine your daily experience.

And by doing so, you take responsibility for who you put out to the world.

What happens when you don’t own these things?


Usually yourself

“Why can’t I meet anyone?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

These are the thoughts of an unmanaged mind.

The most healthy relationships are ones where both people take responsibility for themselves.

They don’t put it on the other to make them feel good.

They create those feelings for themselves.

And so can you.

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